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Welcome to Guardian Training

We specialize in providing firearm training, including the training required to qualify for the Illinois Concealed Carry License. We also provide NRA Basic Pistol Course training to those interested in learning the basics about handguns and handgun safety, NRA Basic Personal Protection in the Home Course and NRA Basic Personal Protection Outside the Home Course training to those interested in learning about self-defense inside or outside the home, and one-on-one training for the beginning shooter who would rather not learn in a group setting.

Our mission at Guardian Training is to provide practical and affordable firearms training. A firearm is a tool. And like any tool, you must know how to properly and safely use it.

So, whether you are new to firearms and want to gain some basic skills and safety training, or you want to complete training to qualify for an Illinois concealed carry license, Guardian Training can help you achieve your goals.

In addition to providing firearm training, we are a federally licensed firearms dealer. We can special order most firearms at very good prices and from time to time have a small inventory of the more popular handguns (see our "Current Specials" page to check our inventory). We also offer FFL transfers and ammunition sales.